Best Cricket Betting Odds: How do Cricket Betting Odds Work?

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August 24, 2023
Online Cricket Betting Odds

If you are into cricket betting, you must have heard the word ‘betting odds’ many times. Cricket betting odds may appear a tricky subject to comprehend in the first place, but once you understand it completely, you may improve your chances of winning the bets by leaps and bounds. Betting odds indicate how likely your selection will win in the eyes of the bookmaker and how much money you stand to gain if your bet succeeds.

The Best Cricket Betting Odds & Rates

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Here’s everything about cricket betting odds and how they work. 

What are Cricket Betting Odds? 

Bookmakers hosting cricket betting set betting odds in such a manner that reflects what they assume is the likelihood of the event. In India, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe, these odds are often expressed in the form of fractions or decimals. The American approach, however, is a little different, placing a plus or minus sign in front of the number. 

As stated, bookmakers refer to the probability of a specific outcome in a cricket tournament as their cricket betting odds. The amount of these odds depends on the probability of the event. The higher it is, the lower the odds, and vice versa. You win the biggest reward if you have the biggest odds. 

Before you begin Live cricket betting, it is vital to understand how these odds work so that you can win the biggest payout instead of losing your hard-earned money. The odds are not the same everywhere. Different bookmakers can offer them differently, depending on various factors. 

What are the Types of Cricket Betting Odds? 

Although Indian cricket betting follows the decimal system, cricket betting odds have three types in general:

American Odds

American odds are not only used in the United States but all over the world. They are easy to get, and beginners, too, can try their hands on them. These odds are written in whole numbers with a + (plus) or – (minus) sign in front of them. 

The plus sign indicates that the team is an underdog, and you must wager 100 INR to win the amount displayed below. In this case, a 100 INR wager will result in a 120 INR win. The minus sign means the opposite. The team is an underdog, and you will need to bet the amount displayed below to win 100 INR. 

Team One: +120

Team Two: -140 

Fractional Odds 

Fractional odds are a very common cricket betting system in the United Kingdom, and they are written as fractions. The math is easy. You are merely required to multiply the fraction shown by the amount of your bet to show the profit a winning bet will collect. 

For instance, if the bet is written like 1.5/1, it is to be read like you bet 1 INR to win 1.50 INR, respectively. 

Decimal Odds 

Decimal odds are among the most prevalent betting systems in many parts of the world, including India. They are simplest to understand as they contain percentages as probabilities. Decimal odds provide more options for the bettors. The only calculation you need to do is to divide 100 percent by the probability of the result. 

For instance, the probability of winning on your bet is 65 percent. The calculation will look like this. 

100/65 = 1.54 

Your winnings per unit wagered will be 1.54 units. 

How Do Cricket Betting Odds Work? 

India uses a decimal system when it comes to cricket betting odds. Your potential winnings include the original stake. All you need to do is multiply the bet amount or the stake by the odds.

  • 7.0 odds = 10 INR would return 70 INR, including stake. 
  • 10.00 odds = 10 INR would return 100 INR, including a stake 
  • 5.0 odds = 10 INR bet would return 50 INR, including stake. 

How to Get the Best of the Cricket Betting Odds? 

When wagering on any sport, including cricket, nothing is as important as looking for the most competitive odds. When you get long odds, you can stand a chance of getting a profit, or your money would be at stake. The longer the odds, the better the benefits of going through with that wager. Before you set out, remember the following: 

  • Betting on high-quality odds will always work to your advantage, regardless of long-term or short-term bets. Ensure that the quality of the odds is good. 
  • If you stick to only one operator, you may miss out on the value of the odds. Different bookmakers offer varying odds, characterized by the tournament or league in question. Thus, it is essential to keep checking these operators and bet on different platforms instead of relying only on one.

How Do Cricket Betting Rates Work? 

Understanding cricket betting rates is no rocket science. The below-listed example will make it easier for you.  

Suppose India is taking on England at home, and you are backing the former to win the match. The odds line in the match result in the 1×2 market will look like this: 

  • India to win (1): 1.40 
  • Draw (x) 
  • England to win (2): 5.00

To calculate potential winnings, multiply your stake by the odds. So, if you put 1,000 In India and they win the match, you will get back 1,400 (1,000x 1.40). You can further simplify your query by using the online cricket betting odds calculator. It will also save you from converting and calculating the odds manually. 

How to Calculate Cricket Betting Odds? 

It is vital to calculate your payoff before investing your money in cricket betting. The greatest bets may be found by understanding how probability and cricket odds operate. The run rate in cricket is determined by dividing the total number of runs scored in the innings by the entire amount of overs bowled during the period. So, if the total score at the end of 15 overs is 60, the run is 70/15, which is 4.00. 

Here are step-by-step instructions to help you understand the calculation of cricket betting odds: 

  • Choose the cricket match that you want to place a bet on. You can check the matches and decide accordingly. 
  • Try to understand the kind of betting odds offered by different bookmakers. Ensure that the bookmakers and the chances of calculating odds with them are beneficial enough for your risk. 
  • Choose the bookmaker that offers the most decent odds on your cricket event. 
  • Visit the official website of the bookmaker, go to the Sports section, and select Cricket. Click on the match you want to place your bet on. 
  • Choose the type of bet you want to place. You can select among the different bet variations and confirm the bet. 
  • You will receive a notification if your bet is successful. 

How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Odds? 

Finding the best cricket betting odds is like shopping online for your favorite products. You need to do thorough research to understand what the market has to offer first. We recommend you check the cricket betting odds. Various bookmakers offer different odds, and it would be wise to compare them to choose the best one. Knowing how to read cricket betting odds and how to calculate a possible winning amount will come to your rescue.

Choose at least two betting sites and compare the odds between them to select the most beneficial deal. It is vital to mention that the market is never the same and keeps fluctuating. Moreover, some bookies attract new users by showcasing unrealistic odds that wouldn’t apply after you have made the deposit. To save yourself from this situation, choose reliable sportsbooks. 

Cricket Betting Apps and Sites with Best Odds Offers

Wondering what are the best betting platforms where you can bet and win big? Many betting platforms are offering the latest information on cricket matches odds. The best thing is that these platforms entertain both versions – site and app. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing you to enjoy betting seamlessly from anywhere. Most apps even offer live cricket betting odds and rates. Here are the top ones in the market. 

  • Parimatch 
  • 1Win
  • Melbet 
  • Dafabet 
  • MegaPari 
  • 888starz 
  • Mostbet 
  • Odds96 
  • Indibet 
  • 1Xbet

Tips to Win More Cricket Bets 

Cricket betting can be fun and challenging at the same time. If you want to make more winnings, you can do a few things to increase your chances. Here are the tips to follow: 

  • Ensure you know as much as possible about the game you want to bet on. The more you know, the higher your chances of winning by making accurate predictions. 
  • Always pay attention to the form of both teams, as it will indicate which team is more likely to win. 
  • Do not be afraid to shop around for the best odds. Look for the leading cricket betting sites and find the ones with good value for money. 
  • Stay patient, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

Cricket betting is one of the most popular betting sports in India. You can participate after learning how odds are placed and forming a relevant strategy. Always use a secure platform to place your bets. Learn everything about the matches, players, and play wisely. All the best. 

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